And Web Works Takes the Stage.

Web Works Marketing LLCActually, we’ve been backstage for some time now. Our web savvy stagehands have been projecting the voice of small business owners via the web for over 3 years.

Armed with talented Web Consultants, Web Designers, SEO Copywriters & Technical Wizards, the Web Works crew regularly leads double (triple, quadruple) lives as Roofers, Landscapers, Financial Planners, Healthcare Providers, DJ’s, Event Planners, Astronauts, Cowboys and the Kitchen Sink. So, you’ve seen our work and you’ve heard our copy, but we’re so shrewdly disguised as our clientele, you may have never known it was us.

We decided it was time to unveil the curtain and introduce the individuals and ideas that comprise Web Works. Our revamped blog is ripe for the pickin and we’re eager to brew up rich conversation with a smooth finish. Our blog will capture what’s effective, controversial, curious, exciting, and surprising in Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, & Online Reputation Management. Or perhaps we’ll have a killer tomato sandwich and won’t be able to contain our enthusiasm. Who knows? Keep checking back, because specials change daily.


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