Web Works: A Face to a Name

Since the dawn of Web Works, the little green man in our logo has received a lot of face time with the general public. Although his striking resemblance to Charlie’s ‘Green Man’ on Always Sunny in Philadelphia garners insta-credibility, our ‘Green Man’ isn’t the only likable face behind Web Works.

Until now, Web Works has stayed out of the spotlight, focusing on growing the company and creating the best product possible for our clients. Until now, our portfolio has been the primary looking glass for those who wish to examine the qualities of our team. But with a commanding increase of Facebook fans (from 24 to 674, to date) and 700+ clients, we feel the need to humanize the team you may perceive as state of the art, website producing machines.

On the contrary. We are a small business of around 20 employees that started 3 years ago with the intention of filling a void in the web design world. Before Web Works, website development was either do-it-yourself or thousands and thousands of dollars. Our goal was to create professionally designed, well written, affordable websites for small businesses. And since then, we have done just that.

Our staff consists of professionals, passionate about their jobs. Our web consultants are extremely talented, engaging, and fun. Not only do they know all of the ins and outs of our process, they can act as a consultant and adviser when it comes to creating the website.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia

in living color

Our delivery team consists of exceptionally talented writers and designers that don’t just “do web” at work, but at home and on weekends and in their sleep. They all have exceptional portfolios and many take on side projects to help them grow creatively. Each of our creative guns can flip the switch from abstract artistry to crisp professionalism or harmonize the two, depending on what the project requires.

The designers come from backgrounds of programming, interactive design, print design and painting. The writers come from being editors, journalists, copywriters and future novelists. We truly have a diverse gaggle of greatness that all contribute to the body of work that Web Works produces.

So, it is nice to meet you. We look forward to getting to know you!


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