Why Engaging Content Will Always Reign Supreme

Search Engines Respect Your Colorful Content

by Web Works Copywriter, K. McMahon

When introduced to the concept of Search Engine Optimization, far too many people go into zombie mode and muck up the implications of keyword rich content. While keyword rich content is, indeed, vital to the success of your website, redundant, robotically stationed keywords will undoubtedly disturb search engines. Furthermore, you can’t forget that websites are for the people. Although spiders crawl your site and determine your ranking based on search engine algorithms, human beings read your website. And, naturally, having a website means you have something to share with fellow humans. Thus, it is absolutely essential that your website communicates to both people and spiders.

The debate over active, compelling website copy vs. keyword excessive content is alive and well. Brian Clark of Copyblogger makes the case for Engaging Web Copy that simultaneously lures the SE’s . Because you have something to share, something to discuss, something to sell, you’ll never realize the potential of your purpose without a little authorial persuasion.

Web Works Copywriter

There’s a common ground that must be gently established in the content of your site. Fortunately, the search engines honor unique, unduplicated content. It will be obvious to the Search Engines if your keywords have been recklessly stuffed into every page of your site. Make sure your keywords are present and robust, but not carelessly littered throughout your site. Ultimately, if you are engaged in the subject matter, well-crafted copy will naturally flow with the keywords that correspond to your topic. So, first and foremost, write with voice, write with character, be persuasive and communicate to your living, breathing audience.


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