What To Look For In A Web Designer

The beginning of the year is a natural time to take a look at your marketing and advertising budgets. We hope you decide to include Web Works in your plans for 2011, but whether you decide to work with us or anybody else, here are a few things keep in mind when shopping around:

1) Proven Results-

Does the company have any proven results? With so many web design companies out there nowadays, the competition is very tough which can lead to some companies exaggerating or overselling their product.

Be sure to not only look at examples of the companies work, but also what kind of search engine optimization results they have been able to produce. Do they have any clients on the first page in Google for their target keywords? This will cut to the chase quickly and efficiently.

2) Updates/Customer Support

It’s great if you have a friend or family member that will help you design a website…but what happens if you need it updated? What happens if your website goes down? Will you be able to reach them? Can you count on them if you have an urgent matter regarding your web design? What happens if it’s not urgent, but it’s still something you would like done? Will you feel comfortable contacting them, or will you feel like you are bugging them?

These are all questions you should think about before decided on a web designer. As part of our standard package you get an hour’s worth of maintenance every month….so you can bug us any time you want :).

3) Value

Of course you want to make sure you are getting a good value as well. Can you get what you have for much less money? Will you really get what you want from your friend/family member who does web design?

Here at Web Works we have had a lot of success positioning ourselves right around the middle of the two extremes. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent product at an affordable price. We are not priced like some of the high end boutiques and larger companies that our design is comparable to, yet we provide a much more professional product than any of the generic type websites you will find out there.

If you settle for the most convenient option, or just because they are a local company….you are probably missing out on a lot of value you could have otherwise.

Thanks for stopping by. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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