6 Ways Improve Your Site Traffic and SEO with Social Media

Creating a site with Web Works is a great start. However, the more you do for your company online, the better. The best way to improve your business’s online brand and increase traffic to your site is creating a social media presence. Having social media profiles for your business that link back to your site can be the deciding factor in the online race against competitors. Here are some of the best things you can do:

  1. Quantity – The more links you have, the better. By creating a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Places and Yahoo Local Pages you create many links into your new site that you never had before. Also check out the Business Pro Package and other great ideas from the Web Works team for more help.
  2. Quality – Optimize your profiles for SEO just like your website is. Make sure that your pages list your company/site name many times as well as the keywords that you are hoping to rank for. Your about section in each profile is usually the best place to put terms you hope to rank for.
  3. Activity – Search engines love updated social profiles as much as they love updated blogs and websites. So make sure you keep your pages up to date.
  4.  Engage – Creating discussion and answering your followers, friends and fans is helpful in more ways than just SEO. Your audience will appreciate your effort and tell others.
  5. URL Choice – Choosing the correct domain name and URL tag for your sites and pages is very important. Pages will always rank better for terms in their URL.
  6. Optimize Photo Filenames – This doesn’t apply to everything, but most sites and pages will let you name your photo files for image searches. Image searches bring traffic to your site as well so do not overlook this important task.
Scott Malewig
Web Coordinator

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