The Advantage Of Website Longevity

In previous newsletters we have discussed how establishing your search engine ranking is not something that happens over night. It takes time to build up your online credibility, therefore the sooner you build a quality website the better.

Let’s take a look at how some of our clients are benefiting from their website longevity.

1. Classic Kitchens is a company that has been with Web Works for a long time now. They have had a website online for even longer, about 10 years or so. Here is a screen shot for a Google search of “kitchen remodeling Oklahoma City”.

As you can see, they rank very well. Oklahoma City is pretty large too, so that is an impressive result in a competitive market.

2. Your site doesn’t necessarily have to be online for 10 years to rank well either, Above And Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance is a company we launched a website for in March of 2010. It has consistently ranked on the first page for “landscape services Omaha” for a while now.

3. And of course our website doesn’t do too bad either. Do a search for “affordable small business web design” and we should be right up there in the top few. We launched our website in 2006.

If you try searching for anything in Google, Yahoo or Bing, chances are the companies at the top have had their website for quite a while.

As the fall and winter seasons approach, the tendency for most companies is to wait until the beginning of next year to address their website situation. However, I would recommend starting this year if you can, so that when the busy season comes next year, you will have already established yourself online and will have a much better opportunity to rank well in the search engines. Plus, you can use it as a tax write off in this year’s taxes.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Dave Seidl
Web Works
Web Consultant
Affordable Small Business Websites


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