Web Works SEO Boost Packages

Web Works is excited to announce the addition of some new packages this month which focus on getting you more exposure in the search engines.

We have developed an excellent formula over the years which produces consistent results in the search engines. However, in order to retain our success we need to stay on top of the industry trends and continually work to improve our product.

Below you’ll find details on the new packages we have developed and their benefits.

– Basic – optimization of title tags, meta tags, on page content, keyword research and creation. (Comes with the standard package)

– Local SEO Boost (one time investment of $200) – Includes local link building package. Business profile setup and links from Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, The Online Yellow Pages, Yelp and more. You get 15-20 of the best links for local and small businesses. Our network of business profile pages will give you more real estate in the search engine results page.

Links help drive traffic to your site and also give you credibility online so the search engines are more apt to trust your company and place you higher in their rankings. It’s like looking at a road map…you will see the bigger cities have more roads leading into them. Similarly, search engines will rank websites higher that have more links going to their website.

– Business Pro (one time investment of $400) – Social Media setup for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & More. 15 high quality links from authority websites. 30 Social Bookmarks. Your choice of video marketing or article creation and submission to over 100 directories. Google analytics setup. This will help you become more interactive with your audience, allow you to connect with them more efficiently as well as be able to track your results.

– Business Pro Plus (one time investment of $400 and an additional $50 a month) – 150 directory submission a month, 50 Social Bookmarks a month, 30 blog comments a month plus Google Analytics setup with monthly reports. This is the type of optimization that companies use who compete in markets across the country. It will give you a major advantage over almost any other local companies.

– Google Adwords Management (25% of your total budget) – We can either assist you in setting up a Google Adwords account or manage the account for you. We charge 25% of your total budget to manage it, with a minimum total of $200 a month. This is the best way to control if your website is on the first page for your search terms. It doesn’t necessarily guarantee clicks or conversions though. Your ads still need to be written well enough so that you stand out from the competition, and your website has to be optimized to convert clicks into calls.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for one of our brief online demos. I would be more than happy to walk you through our process and do some searches with you online to see where there may be opportunities for you to get more exposure online.


Dave Seidl
Web Works
Web Consultant
Affordable Small Business Websites


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