Press Releases: Good or Bad for SEO?

An time-honored and fairly often-used method of getting links to your website is to use press releases with embedded links in those releases.

With Google constantly changing it’s SEO habits, the question has become: Are Press Releases still a legitimate SEO tactic?

Here is what we have from Matt Cutts of Google in a Google Webmaster Help forum:

“Now, when you do press releases, it might get your web site in front of the eyes of bloggers, reporters and others, where what they write or link to may have an impact on your rankings. But the links within the releases themselves, Google says – they won’t benefit your rankings.”

Now, the best way to get links into your site via press releases is to get media or news sites to do their own writeup afte reading your press release. These links read as true inbound links that register well with search engines, compared to the ones in your original press release that the Google crawler’s can sniff out and a type of spam link.


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